Wednesday, September 30, 2009

my thoughts on web 2.0

web 2.0 is a place where opinionated people can write their feelings and anyone can see it. its a forum and message board. its a change in the way that companies and people interact with each other. it is no longer about presentation, its more about the context within. people want to write. less about the "corporate message" and more about "my message".

web 2.0 affects our society by the way we interact with each other. instead of actually calling the person to see how they are doing, or what they are up to you can check their blog and instantly know all of that information. there is no real interaction except for the commenting part. that is the part where people who look at your blog can comment on the content.

i like having a blog because it keeps me semi involved in other peoples lives. i am also able to post things about myself that i feel may be exciting or what not.

Friday, September 25, 2009


number of hours i spent this week studying for physiology.


number of hours that i didn't study any of my other classes.


not the time i go to bed, sadly.


can i study that many now for my anatomy test that is on monday


Sunday, September 20, 2009

david archuleta.

^yesterday after returning from running at the indoor suu track i got home and noticed i had a missed call. so i listened to the voicemail--and lo and behold--{DAVID ARCHULETA CALLED ME!} i immediately started freaking out! i couldn't even believe one bit of it. but it truely did happen to me.

the reason for the call roommate susie peterson, her boyfriend is good friends with david. susie and her family moved to murray a few years ago and she went to murray high. anyways a few weeks ago when susie was texting her boyfriend he told her that at that very moment he was hanging with david. so of course she told me this wonderful news. so i then told her to tell him that i love david. haha. so she did. and then she gave her boyfriend my number to have david call me. i didn't think anything of that moment since, until i got the voicemail.

what is funny is susie's boyfriend thought that i was celebrating my birthday the last time he was here, which i wasn't cause my birthday is in january. so that made me laugh.

over due.

a temple baptisms for the dead trip was long over due for me. luckily my ward decided to have a little outing trip to stg for a night baptism. it was fabulous! the ride was enjoyable. mostly because i rode with some wonderful girls who didn't mind that i sang to every single song that happened to come on:) upon arriving to stg we ate a little (it was pretty big) at iceburg. then we headed over to the temple. ma met me there to give me some medication{the reason being is because i found out that i am anemic. ya isn't that just uber exciting?} anyways. we then all headed into the temple. we had so many people there that i didn't end up leaving the chapel until about nine. we started at eight. so by the time i got home it was really late. but it definitly was worth it. plus i got to see my ma.
^Susie Peterson {my roommate} and I are completely inseparable. its kind of disgusting, but we just have so much fun together.
^after baptisms. some of the girls in my ward. wish i knew all of their names.
^before the bapstisms. waiting outside. aren't we all just so presh.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

little did i know.

that by coming back to SUU for this year i would meet my long lost TWIN! the thing is my parents never even let on that i had a twin. so sad. i met my twin at a bonfire closer towards the beginning of the school year...while at the bonfire people kept talking to me who i had no idea who they were yet they said that they had met me that night. i was a bit confused until i finally met her. yes i see a little similarity, but seriously get us mixed up? hmmm. maybe. so i finally got a picture with her last night at my roommates birthday party. her name is candace. she actually lives in the apartment right next to me, so pretty much we are twins.....let me know what you think about my twinness!

Monday, September 07, 2009


this past tuesday i realized that in order to stay on track with my school i would need to take physiology this semester. i had planned on taking it with pathophysiology next semester, but i found out that it is not allowed. so i quickly got into the class... sadly though they were having their first test on friday, so that is this past friday. luckily the professor is letting me take the test tomorrow morning. but i had to learn all of the material practically by myself. i am a bit nervous for what the test is going to be like.

wish me luck.