Wednesday, February 24, 2010

institute dance.

oh institute dances.

they are the best. even if i did sweat like a maniac at this one. at first the dance was lame 1. being because no one was dancing at all 2. being that there were so many other incredibles and i wanted to cry. i wanted to be unique ya know? oh well at least they didn't look as cool as i.

after the dance sue and i headed to a bonfire. that was totes fun of course. it started snowing during the middle of it which was sort of nice. its was like the time that the family and i went hot tubing while it was snowing. a hot/cold experience. if you haven't experienced it, i suggest you do.
^ me + sue, driving to the bonfire
^ posers. (HA) me {violet incredible} sue {hot rod}

^ dang we look we are going to go and fight some crime or something

{ps. this was a superhero dance, we did not do this just because :)}

Sunday, February 14, 2010

3's a company.

{probably not the best title for this entry}

the total for this week is three.
three people total passed away.
it was hard, but i survived.
only to come out a stronger person
than i went in.
amazing how these challenges
only make us better in the
long run.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the plan.

another resident has passed.
these are the moments i am
so grateful for the plan.
without it, i probably would have cried.
whoo-hoo to the plan.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

more birthday fun.

part two of my most fantastic birthday actually happened on sunday january 31st 2010 {after i arrived home from work, which is why i am looking so dashing, don't be jealin'}

susie put together this whole little shin-dig which ended up being such a blast! i could hardly imagine how many people showed up. i now realize that i do have friends! susie made some devils food cake with strawberry frosting, then we had mint chocolate chip ice cream and blueberry pomegranate ice cream, so good! they didn't end up "going" together but everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot. we sat around and just chit-chatted for a while then everyone left.

this has definitely been the best birthday ever!
^ Riley Pentico, probably susie's and my bestest friend. just imagine me and susie combined in boy style craziness! he seriously rocks. plus he is from hurricane so i guess that it is semi- same area as both of us.
^ kurt + me + brian. they are new friends. kurt is from my ward. and brian is his friend! its always good to have new friends every once in a while.
ps. notice the decorations. pierce + susie did them. yes, those are actual balloons, don't be fooled.
^my friends dwane, sam, dan, and brennon gave me a sweet coin for my birthday. its an Argentina coin....lets just say i am rich! {uno peso}
^ blowing out the skewer "candle" before we cut cake. we had to improvise cause we forgot candles. it all worked out in the end. {pierce robertson is in the back ground}
^brent banks + me. yes he is extremely tall. so i had to get a pic with him. he lives in the apartment below us. what a great guy!
^ Susie and I, on my actual birthday {January 30, 2010} had a little "date night." we went to cafe rio, then to golden spoon, then we finished the night off by watching the movie cute by the way.