Friday, October 29, 2010

Ward Halloween Party.

i love dressing up! so sue and i went all out for our ward halloween party! we were 80's aerobic instructors. there was not very many people dressed up at our party and we were the only ones who were so out there in our costumes. it was great! i can definitely say that we rocked the socks off our bishopric and ward members! it was a fabulous time.

we look so good. work it work it.

Nursing Pledge Ceremony.

my nursing class of spring 2012 took our pledge on the 19th of october. that was a blast! all we really had to do was stand up in front of family members and recite this pledge that ian dempsy wrote for our class. it was spectacular. can you believe that i am a student nurse and i am going to be a nurse in just a few short, long, hard years? ya sometimes i think about that and i get all weirded out because it is crazy that i am already to this point in my education. i feel like i just graduated from high school. so weird.

we are all so close...we are like family. these are just some of my classmates. there is a total of 20 students in my class!