Monday, May 25, 2009

fire fun under the southern moon.

although i was feeling a little ill i decided that i needed to go and do something, rather than sit around the house like i have been doing for the past few days, yuck. as you can tell my face proves the illness.
my friends and i, plus some newly made friends, went to roast mallows behind bloomington, vague description of where we were at, but its too hard to explain exactly how we got there, cause i was a little out of it. oh p.s. this is us trying to dance awkward. it was pretty funny, you should try it sometime.
we had a fire, which i helped by cutting up the palates we "borrowed" from wal-mart. roasting mallows, chatting, laughing, and most importantly...dancing. this is what my friends and i do, we dance crazily, all the time, anywhere there is music we dance. its kind of fun.
we also like to take tons of pictures. this is one of us being models. yes watch out americas next top model cause the new generation is coming.
the friends. got to love them.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

final grades.

i have recieved news of my final grades and i can not be happier about how they turned out for the semester. it took lots of studying and hard hard work, but i did it!

  • General Biology 1610 A
  • General Biology Lab A
  • Chemistry 1110 A
  • Chemistry Lab A
  • Statistics 1040 A
  • Wellness Dynamics A

Friday, May 01, 2009

las vegas.

thursday night, just on a roommates and i decided to go to LAS VEGAS!! haha yeah i know it was crazy. we really didn't do anything, just walked the strip..looked at all the people...and got second hand smoke....hmmm, nice.

before going to las vegas we met up with some friends and went to dinner at Chili's. it was a lot of fun..i feel bad for the people around us, cause as usual when we all get together we are pretty darn LOUD! haha, but what can ya do when you only have a certain amount of limited time left with each other.
^the gang...dana, tyra, ashley k., bryan, me, ashley m., kenzie
^at chili's yum yum yum.
^all of us again.
^bryan, ashley mann, ashley kohler, me (always jumping in the pics)
^dana, tyra, me
^in vegas.
^ haha best time of my life...this greaser drunk guy was trying to hook up with me for a little over a was dang of course we got a picture!
^yah, thats nice.
^dana insisted that she get a hooters shirt..oh my dane.
^ all the girls who went to vegas, my roomies..dana, jessica, ashley, ashley, me