Monday, November 24, 2008

The Backside of the Door.

i believe the pictures speak for themselves.

Monday, November 17, 2008

oh so i have to study.

sadly there are no pictures to correlate with my post..but i am writing this anyways. for the past couple of tests i have gotten pretty low scores, for me at least. i was freakin out about why in the world i would be getting such low scores. so for this last test i decided that i would start a week in advance and see if that actually made a difference. low and behold it did!! i got a 96/100 on it. weird to think that if i actually did studying all week instead of cramming i would get fourteen points higher than before. crazy thought.

Monday, November 10, 2008

lil anna funeral.

this morning i awoke to a terrible sight..lil anna passed away during the night. she was found side up just floating at the top of the bowl. she joined lil dana this afternoon when dana and i gave her a proper burial in our tolit. she is in a better place now, although it is sad to admit. she was a great fish full of life and funness..she will be greatly missed!
^walking to the burial grounds.

^dana will miss her terribly.

^taking lil anna from the kitchen to the burial grounds.

^dana is depressed.
^at the burial grounds.
^saying a few words before the releasing. she was a great fish..although she did poo a lot .
^poor lil anna finally floated to the bottom of the tank.

^goodbye lil anna, you will be sorely missed.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

college hanging.

here we are just hanging out with one of our most favoritist persons ever...myles. we decided to do his hair, it was a great experience! haha..myles, dion, ricky, and MJ always come over and hang with us until all hours of the night they are crazy. their mouths are pretty dirty, but they are still our friends :)
^ashley mann, me, dana whitaker, myles anthony crawford harris.
^jessica swink, ashley man, me, dana whitaker, katy potter, myles anthony crawford harris.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

college halloween.

For halloween, there is a dance that SUU puts on called "the howl" it was pretty darn crazy. pretty much halloween is a time where girls can wear nothing and get away with it as a "costume" i was appaled by what some of the girls were wearing, and some of the boys. it was seriously ridiculous.

i dressed up as snow white, and my roomie dana dressed up as a cowgirl. we just had a blast. ha ha yeah, i had a lot of fun just dancing, but they really did not play that many good songs, i mean some were good, but they were not fast and not slow songs, they were medium and it was hard to get my groove on.

i stayed up until 4 am. yeah it was pretty crazy. i slept in this morning until noon, yeah i do not think that i have actually ever done that. but overall i think my first college halloween was a hit.
^taylor church, me, dana, michael scott.
^sue martin, ashley kohler, me, dana.
sue martin, dana, me, tyra simmons.
^me, dana.
^dana, me, yes we did look pretty good!