Thursday, July 23, 2009

how to...

a great way to calm down--ride a bike -- for a very long time.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

believe it, or not.

i went on a date. can you believe it. i never get asked on dates so it was a priveledge. i had a fun time, but i will probably not go on another date with him. i am just not attracted to him in that way. just in a friends way. we went on a double date with a kid named travis bentley who is peters age and grew up down the street from me, it was kind of awkward. but he also had a date who just had a baby three months ago, she was nice. anywho we went to texas road house for dinner, and let me just say not my favorite. too noisy and crazy, and did you know they throw their peanut shells on the ground..what is up with that? weirdi's. following dinner we went to dixie bowl where we played one game of bowling and i totally beat everyone, which doesn't ever happen in bowling cause i am terrible but i got a 121 which is over double what i usually get, yes i was extremely excited. we finished up the double date by having ice cream at frost top where travis bought us all mustaches from the 25 cent machine. it was so funny i could hardly stop laughing.
travis and his date went left cause the baby was falling asleep so we ended up going over to sunset bowl to then watch for a long time the game that some of our friends were playing, yes it sounds boring, but i knew a lot of the people there so i was able to socialize and laugh a lot. and guess what? afterwards we headed over to iceburg for ice so original. i didn't have any cause i was mucho stuffed. but more socializing happened and i ended up borrowing a cd from shawn elsmore, the new john allred covers cd, so that was the ultimate plus! i have been wanting that cd since it came out some time ago.

that was my date, the first in a long time. lets hope i can turn on the dalton charm and get myself another one:)