Tuesday, March 23, 2010

{spring break 2010}

spring break came at the most wonderful time this year! the weather was perfect, here in cedar and in stg. although most of my break was spent watching march madness, i did actually do a couple of things like work, go hiking, play Frisbee {for like 30 minutes}, and my cousin got married so i attended that. although the break was wonderful, it was uber difficult to come back to school and actually get focused! i took a test today, and let me tell you, i definitely didn't study as much as i should have. this is not a good sign, seeing as i have six weeks left of school.
^ dance party at Josh's wedding. yes, us dalton's sure do know how to get our groove on. not to brag, but we were the best dancers there!
^ posing before the ceremony. my step grandma pat said that laura's outfit was sexy. haha that was a funny moment, wa was kind of embarrassed.
^ hiking with pa, the day after his birthday cause for some reason he didn't want to go on his birthday. we went on a short hike in the gorge to look at some pictographs.
^padad on his birthday with stella jane. i made a big birthday poster sign, but it was so windy that we weren't able to get a picture. {or maybe we just forgot}
^ i babysat stella all day long, which was the best time of my life. we played outside all day long! she just runs around like crazy. i was trying to teach her how to smell the flowers and then say "mmmm"...she finally caught on, it was so funny!

Monday, March 22, 2010



Sunday, March 14, 2010

midnight alice.

alice in wonderland is a must see! it was very different from the cartoon version, but nonetheless it was an excellent movie that actually was able to keep me entertained at midnight o' clock. i suggest you go. i went as a girls night out with some friends from work. ya i know, i have colleagues! it is the best. we first went to wingers for dinner, not my most favorite place i would have to say. actually my least fav place. i definitely will not go there ever again. which is alright with me. after we ate we went over and watched the movie. what a great grand adventure on a friday night.
^ {monica} + {cassie} + {me} ^
^ {darci} + {amanda} + {becca} ^
^ {eating at wingers} ^

Monday, March 08, 2010

fhe. bonfire.


yes, another fhe where i didn't have to plan a single thing. i just showed up and it was a bless.ed moment in my life. it was so much fun, but sadly susie's camera died so we only have a few shots of the beginning part of the night {i need a camera. hint hint ma + pa}
^the roomies -- {susie} {kelsi} {me}
^when we first arrived i saw the swings and i immediately was drawn to them. i felt like a child, but i didn't care. all i could think about were the wonderful times of when a certain cousin of mine and myself would spend countless amounts of time swinging together on the swings in the park near her house {you know who you are}
^on our way to the bonfire. i drove with some people i didn't know. this is mitch, he is in my ward.
^okay so i did know susie, but i didn't know molly or candace, so it was a new experience and i loved it!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

fhe. volleyball.

my favorite color is light tan. my favorite animal is puppies. i love serving the Lord. going hiking. playing volleyball....

for family home evening our ward combined with the fifteenth ward to have a little tournament. it was great! i had such a fabulous time. {one} being because i was able to yell and act all crazy and {two} being because i didn't have to plan an activity! i will admit full heartedly that i am the worst volleyball player in this entire world. yes i can get the ball over the net, that is if i actually swing for it. i usually run away and scream or close my eyes. there is just something about a ball flying towards my face that i am not a big fan of. i will say this though....our team, which consisted mostly of girls won {2 out of 3}!! that is a big accomplishment seeing as the other teams had a lot of boys on it.

^ i love this one cause we are all looking towards the ball and obviously not making any effort to get to it!
^ before we actually started the games!
^ of course sue and i had a little {me+you} photo shoot. this is one of the best ones.