Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Snowman Named Linc.

snow in stg is such a sight for sore eyes! oh what fun it be to have a snow night with the family. we first started the night off with FHE in the hot tub what a grand time with the pure white snowflakes falling lightly onto the tops of our freezing heads while our bodies were warm in the water. then it really started sticking so lar and i had to make a snowman which we ended up calling LINC..cause it looks like dad! haha
^punching the snowflakes...HIGH JA!
^snowlinc and I
^look at my boot haha the snow would not come off!
^in the hot tub all toasty warm.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride. what i was on December 12, 2008. i was one of six bridesmaids for my really good friend darcy orvin, who is know darcy josie. i do have to say the dresses weren't my fav. at least on me it wasn't but i still had a wonderful time. i had the wrong color of shoes, they were too burgandy rather than pure red, oh well though. her luncheon and reception was beautiful, and i will be attending her West Jordan reception this coming monday which will be just as exciting ats the first one. ^the bridesmaids and the bride..megan reber-kalehua harward-me-darcy josie-anna hone-jordyn hutchinson-olivia bromley.

^anna, jordyn, kal
^anna, olivia
^me in the dress...uh i will let you decide haha.