Monday, September 29, 2008

Logan, Utah.

This weekend i had the opportunity to go up to Logan, Utah to meet Dana's family and friends. i had a fabulous time! i had never been to Logan before so it was just a wonderour adventure. the valley is just gorgeous, but they said that the winter is just brutal, so i am not sure if i would want to live there, but it is gorgeous!! i had fun meeting all of their friends and i went to my very first ice hockey game. it was USU V BYU and USU actually won...8-5 it was weird i thought BYU won everything, but oh well.

we had a nice long 4.5 hour drive home on sunday. we got home around 12:30 am and i fell asleep at 1am. i was so dang tired that i slept in until 7:30 and i had class at was a pretty funny site to tell you the truth.

^sue face and I. I am pulling the "chad"
^first time to the logan temple. what was weird was they had the grounds all locked up. i have never seen that before in my lifetime. plus i had never seen a stone temple before so it was a whole new experience. me, dana, kelina (dana's BFF)
^at the ice hockey game...proof that i actually went. ceirra (sue BFF), sue, me
^the Logan Temple.
^on our way home from we all look so dang fresh.

^the Logan valley.

lil dana funeral.

recently dana and i made the investment of buying some fish...lil dana and lil anna. sadly after only two days our poor lil dana passed from this life into the next life. it was a griveous day. poor lil anna is now depressed and i am afraid she will probably not live for much longer. well we think we starved her because the food bottle said two to three times a day and the lady at the store said only once a day with just a little tiny pinch.

we had a funeral that day...very memorable.

^sending lil dana off to her fishy heaven.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lake Powell.

oh goodness! what a fantabulous weekend! it was outrageous! and totally aweseome..why you may ask? well first of all its freakin lake powell...second there were only 4 girls and 6 those odds...and third because i just love to hang with my friends and be at lake powell!

we left friday afternoon around 3:30 and we arrived at lake powell around 7ish. it was a good long trip but hey its totally worth it. upon arriving we went out on the boat and did a little wakeboarding, but not much because the sun went down :( but guess what? it was freezing at the nightime? yeah that never happens! oh my! well we stayed up until really early...i swear i didnt even sleep like 3 hours!

we got up on saturday morning really early to hit the smoothest water. it was pretty dern chilly that morning! wow! well pretty much we hucked it from 7a.m. until 7p.m. just out on the lake rocking out. i am terribly sore and way tired, and a little sunburnt, but not as much as my roomie dana! she got burnt! wowza.

on sunday we woke up and we had to clean the houseboat and the malibu and the chapparel. it only took a couple of hours cause there was so many people...then we just drove home! it was nice. probably the best college trip so far! love it! ^dana & i dancing on the roof of the houseboat...which was extremely nice!
^dana, me, sue gsg 4 life
^gangsta sue, anna, chad, dana
^my edited photo of me and dana
^gsg 4 ever & 4 life...sue, dana, me, ashleyd
^sue, me, dana best friends forever! (before lake powell)
^yes, that is me rocking the wakeboard! i am starting to learn how to jump the wake..i am not very good yet :(
^sue & i...precious
^chad baby & me
^the whole gang that went! yeah yeah....(not in any order) corbin sharp, sini tatuatu, kevin robinson, mckenzie "sue" martin, ashely kohler, me, chad anderson, tyLar laity, shiloh sandervol, and dana whitaker! :):):)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Editing.

i have been doing some more editing to keep up with my big bro! so here they are they are just amuetur (if that is how you spell it!) :) ^lar face.
^chad anderson & myself...thats frosting on my face that he put there! what a cute brother!
^myself after i got my new hair cut.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the college party life.

whoo...whooo...whoooo..... college is way too much fun! ha ha NOT! the one thing that i truely miss about high school is the fact that when i went to high school i was in bed and asleep by 10:30p.m every single night...and now....that is not the case. i am afraid that i have been going to bed extremely late for my usually intake of about 8-9 hours per night.

last night i went to be arount 1:30a.m. i know disgusting. tell me about it i feel so tired and gross and i am wearing a sweatshirt with jeans and globes. and i just feel so....yucky! i wish i could just get up the self motivation to just go to bed early . i hope that by tonight i will be able to accomplish this oh so wonderful and needed task!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

The STG Gals.

This weekend Dana, Sue (Mckenzie), and i went on a little overnighter trip to good ole St. george! it was weird, i dont have a room anymore it has seriously been invaded by my alien little sister. it looks like a bomb went off in her new room. we had a blast swimming slash tanning, then we got my lil sis ready for her first dance...desert hills high schools newcoming.!!! woot woot!! then we headed over to the temple for a little enlightenment, then onto golden spoon the absolute best place to eat good frozen yogurt, if you haven't ever tried it then you are missing out in life.
^dana, sue, me - dad took the picture-- ain't he so dang artistic? he made sure we got the flowers in it! :) ^golden spoon, the absolute yummiest place to eat dessert!
^the temple so amazing!
^taking pictures while driving in the car..dangerous..yes..but i am in college.
^me, dana, the temple:)

Friday, September 05, 2008

Hair Coloration.


^after :)


^these are the boxes we died it from.

^putting the dye in.

^rinsing the dye out.

Dana and i decided that it would be a good fun experience to dye our hair so on tuesday night we went and bought some hair coloring kits, and we had to wait all the way until today to dye it....oh man i was a little bit worried about it not turning out the way i wanted it to, but i think it looks pretty dern good if you ask me! ha ha we have now transformed from the high schooler/college gals to the real deal bill! ha ha Ashley Kohler, another roomie dyed our hair for us...she did an excellent job!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sini's Surprise Birthday Partae.

^dana and i decorated Sini's room with candy, balloons, silly string, posters, and shredded paper! He loved it.

^me, sini, dana after the surprise!
^ dana and i on sinis bed before the surprise!

^one gay, aka one love!
^ashley, dana, me, tyra, and sue..PARTY!

^chad & i...he is my brother!
^sue, sini, chad, me, kevin, love!

Swiss Days.

This labor day weekend i went up to heber city, utah to go to swiss days. it is huge there. there are booths and performers, and food, and wow it was so dang crowded like overkill! goodness. also it was really hot. i had a great experience with this older guy who told me the secret of success is the....pythagen theorem! yeah it was hilarious! first how he introduced it to me was he said you want to see something disgusting? and then he started unbuttoning his shirt and i got a little scared, but then he just pulled out a piece of paper that had this theorem written on it. oh man! then he said that teachers now adays dont even teach it, i just laughed.

it was also extremely hot! well at least during the morning part, but then by sunday it was cooled down a bunch and on monday it was down pouring so much! we could hardly see on the way home and we had to drive like 60 miles an hour, it was raining so hard! but we made it home safely which is plus! i went up with my mom, grandma, little sister, and my roomie!

i also got to see my favorite cousin in the whole entire world...hay hay! i met her little boy toy! oh goodness what a nice fella. we watched some of our old home movies, which i have not seen in the longest time and man they are so funny! and totally embarassing. but it was fantabulous seeing her, she is awesome!