Monday, April 26, 2010

roomie dinner.

for a little celebration of not killing each other this year, us roomies {+dirk} went out to dinner tonight to our favorite rio! it was delicious! not only was the food really good looking and tasty, but there was this dang good looking boy that came it. lets just say he was definitely tall, dark, and handsome. of course being me i didn't go up and say anything to him. just looked and admired. then when we left i waved goodbye like i had actually known him. it was perfect! what a great way to spend some of the last days here at SUU this semester..but at cafe rio, staring at cute boys who i will never have the guts to talk to...its da best!
:: sue :: kelsi :: dirk :: kalai :: me ::
:: kelsi + dirk ::
they are engaged
:: kalai and me ::
:: sue + me ::
oh how my wardrobe is going to get cut in half :( sad.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

final sunday.

it is our final sunday here in cedar city. then it is off to moving home for the glorious summer of saint george! i am super stoked. i just can't wait for this patho test that i should be studying for at moment, instead i am blogging. figures. for the first time in a really long time, susie and i made a delicious sunday meal. we made chicken tortilla soup from scratch. it actually turned out pretty darn good. we had our friend duane come over and eat some with us. it was really tasty.

it is kind of bitter-sweet. the end of the school year that is. it has been a completely different experience this year than was last year. i made so many more friends. i actually stayed most of the weekends here in cedar {probably because i had work} but overall i have enjoyed my sophomore year of college so much more. and i have enjoyed sue as a roomie, even though we have definitely had our fair share of fights. i won't get into those.

here's to a great year. and hopefully an even better one next year!
::our creation::
:: sue and duane ::
:: me and duane ::

Thursday, April 22, 2010


dear finals week.
please come quickly.
but come with ease and easiness.
i want to be over with you,
so i can move back to sunny saint george.

dear cedar.
would you please stop being so cold?
its spring time for petes sake!
which means no more clouds, and definitly no more snow!

dear pathophysiology.
i just spent 4.5 hours studying you today
why can i not remember what i have learned
from this very long, yet quick semester?
it is very frustrating.
plus there are a lot of things to remember from you.

dear university of utah.
could you please hurry up and give me an answer.
anything at this point would be grand
{a yes would be even grander!}
you have only made me wait since january.
you should be done by now.
freak. stop procrastinating!

dear nose.
why do you have to bleed all the time?
its very stupid.

dear ma + pa
have i told you that you are the best?
well you are!
oh, and i also love peepee, moosh, ray, scott, steya, dan, and wa.

Monday, April 19, 2010

brain fried.

you know its almost finals week when you have three tests in one day. ya it was outrageous. thankfully though i have a really scatter-brained mircobiology teacher who came to class and forgot that he was giving us a test! so i ended up going and studying for the ever so hard pathophysiology. finally when that craziness was over i studied for my nutrition test, which was alright seeing as i only studied for it two hours before the test. now that those two tests are done i can focus on micro and all of my sweet finals next week:)

ps. sad news, just finished watching the last and final episode of ugly betty. i want to cry. my most favorite show ever has finished.

Monday, April 12, 2010

family feud.

for family home evening tonight, we played a game that was suggested by my feud. it was a great success. everyone had a great time, at least i think they did. you never know with college kids. the questions were a little out dated, but they still worked. the girls team ended up winning the entire thing. they had 32 points and the boys had 27 points. i ended up just doing one point for getting it right cause i can't add numbers in my head very well...which would have taken up most of the time we had to play. so i made it simple for me.

::the buzzer. i didn't get a real one, so i made one::

::kurt + holly:: ::duane + justine::

::holly + kelsi + dirk:: ::shaun + billie jean::

::the boys, team "Q", celebrating a round win:: ::sam and kelcey fighting it out, kelcey won::

::the girls -- team "Whoa Man":: ::me + sue before fhe::

saturday relaxation.

this was the first saturday in a really long time in which i did not have work...and guess what i ended up doing? going to work. ya, i'm a little weird. but this time i brought susie and we went to just visit my residents. it was so much fun and we ended up spending about two hours there just catching up with and introducing sue to them. well i hate to be biased but i visited some of my favorites:)

after spending time at emerald pointe, sue and i spent the rest of the day just hanging out. we went on a drive later in the afternoon. we drove up the mountain and then stopped to take some pictures. it was freezing! i am amazed at how the temperature can change in just a few miles. overall this day was great and i enjoyed all my free time. i will say however that i did feel very anxious when we weren't doing anything.
^me + ruth
^me + steve
^sue + me :: gangtas at heart.
^model sue.
^model anna.

Friday, April 09, 2010

ice skating.

{February 2010}
clear back in the month of {02} i went down to stg and a bunch of us went ice skating at the new dixie igloo. little did we know, it was "stick and puck" which means we had to carry around hockey sticks and shoot pucks into the goals. this little "inconvenience" actually turned into a pretty good thing because we were practically the only ones there. so we had the whole rink to our pleasure. we skated and hockied around for an hour until we put down our sticks and had our own winter 2010 olympics. there were a few events
1 lap dash {around the rink} -- gold medal -- dan
longest length on one leg -- gold medal -- dan
longest length crouching down -- gold medal -- dan
couples figure skating -- gold medal -- colby spragg + ME!
lets just say it was my the proudest moment of my life, to receive that gold from my fellow peers. i felt like i was on top of the world!
brother + sister
::colby spragg, kristen loveland, muffin jamison, anna dalton, broclyn bickmore, mikey p, holly decker, dan dalton::
::me +mikey p::
showing off our SWEET skates!
::broclyn bickmore, holly decker, me, kristen loveland::

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Sue!
for susie's birthday we had a little get together about two days before her actual birthday because of the easter weekend thing, and the fact that everyone was going out of town...seeing as we didn't have school on friday. we had cake, pie, and ice cream. it was blast. of course, we took tons of pictures because that is what we do at these kind of shin-digs:)
^birthday girl
^besties ::anna, dan, kurt, sue::
^sue, blowing out the candles on her cake.
**note** she was the only roommate to have actual candles and fire. lucky.
^roommates ::kalai, kelsi, sue, anna::
^the decorated birthday door + susie