Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Heres to Adventure.

i decided that if i ever were to come back into the blogging scene it would have to be for a really good reason, well here it is. i am moving to the great state of Ohio. I recently accepted a job offer at the Cleveland Clinic in their cardiac step down unit. I am super stoked for it! i am going to be living with my brother Peter and sister in law Michelle and baby Kate, so i guess you can say that i am going on a "safe" adventure seeing as i have family still around me. i start January 21, 2013 and i couldn't be more excited (and nervous).


This past little while, since my last blog, i have been accomplishing life goals.
graduate from college with summa cum laude (with bachelors of science in nursing)
pass NCLEX-RN exam on first time
get an RN job (took the first one in Provo, UT)
move away from home, yet again, to Provo, UT (not my best choice, but necessary i can see now)
now i am moving to Cleveland, Ohio.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

21st birthday.

this year my birthday was on the low key which was totally perfect! i loved that not many people knew and that i got to share it with the people that i love. saturday night i was able to spend some time with some great friends...sue, jake, and russ. we went and saw the movie "The Social Network" its all about the invention of facebook. it was really cool i do have to say. they played it for free at SUU in the ballroom, surprisingly it was really quiet. i thought that a lot of people would be talking, but everyone just watched which was nice. sunday was my actual birthday 01.30.11. since being the relief society president i still had some meetings and things to do for that. there was a meeting at 10:30 with all of the presidencys and out of everyone that came i got a picture. they are such cute girls that i have the opportunity of working with. after church was done my nursing friend chelsea and i drove to stg because we started clinicals on monday at dixie regional medical we wanted to stay in stg so we didn't have to wake up at 3:30, just 4:30 instead so we could make it to the hospital at 5:30. chelsea had family birthday dinner with ma, pa, wa, ray, scott, and stella. that was fun. afterwards my friend whit came over to play games and eat the most delicious banana cream pie (that is my favorite type of pie...yum)
all in all it was a most wonderful birthday!

^ sue & me at " The Social Network"^

^ relief society girls ^
jessica. me. hilary. jessica. charley. corinna. jessica. sarah.

Friday, January 28, 2011

rs night meeting.

for our january night meeting our ward had the opportunity to hear from shereen carter. she some how fell into being a motivational speaker...and boy was it good. she based her talk on the book by hilary weeks called believe in what you're doing, believe in who you are. she did a fabulous job! we also had a dinner which was delicious as always..sister pousard is a superb cook!
susie. diana. shaquel. stephanie.

sister cowen. sister carter. sister pousard.

sarah, another RS president with me. she is so great!

me with emilee and kelsey, some of sue's roommates. love those girls.

the adorable table decorations. thanks to sister pousard!

Monday, January 17, 2011

welcome home.

my dear good friend elder bundy just arrived home from his mission. it was a celebration for both abby and i (plus his family), but as you can tell us three are like three peas in one single pod. best friends forever is what they call us.
{Graduation 05.26.08}
{Day before he left for his mission 01.13.09}
{Day he got home from his mission 01.15.11}
Best Friends Forever
Abby. Whit. Anna.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a post of thanks.

i am thankful for:
1. my family
2. the gospel of jesus christ
3. being relief society president
4. being almost finished with my first semester of nursing school
5. my life
6. my friends
7. my cousins (especially my bestie cousin hay)
8. my car to drive to school in when it is below freezing and windy
9. food to eat
10. adversity
11. restoration of the gospel
12. the holidays
13. the first break i have had since labor day
14. patterned scarves
15. my health
16. ball point pens
17. the 40 day journey: drawing closer to christ
18. baby stella
19. cell phone
20. temples
21. journals (just finished my 17th)
22. memories
23. laughter
24. smiling
25. eye sight to be able to see the beautiful world around me
26. freshly fallen snow
27. mountains
28. camping--on the north rim
29. my testimony
30. planners
31. the tickets we won for the 2010 christmas concert feat. david archuleta
32. my bestie susie peterson
33. laura, because she came to visit me when i was feeling down
34. for ma for paying for dinner that night
35. ice skating at dixie igloo
36. the close proximity of cedar city and st. george
37. the one month christmas break coming up soon
38. the opportunity to move out of this apartment
39. the joy and happiness that this life brings me
40. positive attitudes
41. going on dates
42. fun games like ninja
43. cute earrings
44. the light of christ in my life
45. great neighbors, as loud as they are
46. my siblings--peter, michelle, rachel, scott, dan, and laura
47. my parents--ma + pa
48. 0600 clinicals at VVMC
49. baking delicious treats
50. making presents for people/sisters who are feeling a little down
51. brightening someones day
52. happiness
53. kindness
54. this marvelous earth
55. technology
56. blogs
57. the first signs of spring
58. graduation (in 2012)
59. Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father
60. everyone who has and will ever support me in the things i am doing with my life, for the love that you show and give me and the happiness that you bring into my life! i am so much better for it because of you...for that i say

Monday, November 08, 2010

the semester is dying down and i am freaking out!
everything seems to be due, plus relief society stuff is just piling up, its great!
i have validation this week.
next week i have a huge evidence-based paper due.
the week after i have a personal health behavior change plan due.
then it will be thanksgiving break and i will finally have a break since....labor day weekend!
ya it has been a long semester, thank heavens that next semester there will be more breaks spread out throughout the semester because i know i will need it.
it is seriously amazing though how fast this semester has gone by it seemed like yesterday i was just starting nursing school and now look at where i am, i have given my first shot and i am soon going to be able to pass off sticking someone with an IV! i am so stoked for that.
last week i got in the mail the most amazing tickets! my ma signed all the families addresses up for the a concert and we won the lottery!
we won tickets for the
2010 Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert feat. David Archuleta!
ya i was screaming i was so excited for it! plus i hope to talk to david and remind him of that time he called me and left me a message to wish me happy birthday, then he will remember and we will fall madly in love and we will get married....haha! no i just thought it would be funny to bring it up to him!
this is just sue and i.
of course i am looking like a dream like always. and sue is smiling cause she never knows when i am going to make a face.
so enjoy the beauty of our faces:)