Monday, November 08, 2010

the semester is dying down and i am freaking out!
everything seems to be due, plus relief society stuff is just piling up, its great!
i have validation this week.
next week i have a huge evidence-based paper due.
the week after i have a personal health behavior change plan due.
then it will be thanksgiving break and i will finally have a break since....labor day weekend!
ya it has been a long semester, thank heavens that next semester there will be more breaks spread out throughout the semester because i know i will need it.
it is seriously amazing though how fast this semester has gone by it seemed like yesterday i was just starting nursing school and now look at where i am, i have given my first shot and i am soon going to be able to pass off sticking someone with an IV! i am so stoked for that.
last week i got in the mail the most amazing tickets! my ma signed all the families addresses up for the a concert and we won the lottery!
we won tickets for the
2010 Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert feat. David Archuleta!
ya i was screaming i was so excited for it! plus i hope to talk to david and remind him of that time he called me and left me a message to wish me happy birthday, then he will remember and we will fall madly in love and we will get married....haha! no i just thought it would be funny to bring it up to him!
this is just sue and i.
of course i am looking like a dream like always. and sue is smiling cause she never knows when i am going to make a face.
so enjoy the beauty of our faces:)


Seagull Dream said...

No fair. I did not get chosen.
Girl. you bettah make time for me on Thanksgiving weekend.

s@d said...

Ahh, maybe I got chosen. I haven't received the rejection email I received last year.

Rachel said...

Hey you look good! Will you be able to miss school on the 16th? It will be a girls trip!
Love you!

Cindy said...

ACK! One word, DAVID!! The rest of the fam called and asked who gets to go? 4 tickets---9 people!
It's scary knowing how much you love to stick people with needles!

Myrle Dalton said...

I thought you had given up making faces in pictures for fear your face would stay that way? Yeah! quit bragging. I put in for tickets every year and never get one. . . what is your secret? Am I included in one of the nine that want them, or would I make number 10?

NewWealthStartsHere said...

Did your mom ever tell you to stop making faces because Your Face Will Freeze.

Speaking about faces ... is not sol in stores.

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