Friday, January 28, 2011

rs night meeting.

for our january night meeting our ward had the opportunity to hear from shereen carter. she some how fell into being a motivational speaker...and boy was it good. she based her talk on the book by hilary weeks called believe in what you're doing, believe in who you are. she did a fabulous job! we also had a dinner which was delicious as always..sister pousard is a superb cook!
susie. diana. shaquel. stephanie.

sister cowen. sister carter. sister pousard.

sarah, another RS president with me. she is so great!

me with emilee and kelsey, some of sue's roommates. love those girls.

the adorable table decorations. thanks to sister pousard!

Monday, January 17, 2011

welcome home.

my dear good friend elder bundy just arrived home from his mission. it was a celebration for both abby and i (plus his family), but as you can tell us three are like three peas in one single pod. best friends forever is what they call us.
{Graduation 05.26.08}
{Day before he left for his mission 01.13.09}
{Day he got home from his mission 01.15.11}
Best Friends Forever
Abby. Whit. Anna.