Monday, August 30, 2010


not the treat, but the actual thing.
yes i hosted my first party! it was so much fun. a lot more people came than i was expecting which turned out to be better than no one coming..imagine that.
the main reason for throwing this bash was for my freshie roomies to meet some new people (guys) mostly, and i just happen to know a lot of guys. but as soon as most everyone had showed up my roomies slipped out the door without me even noticing. (besides my roomie kelli, she stayed) they didn't return until midnight or later, yes the party was still going but dwindling fast.
it was a magical night full of wonder!
what a great way to start out my junior year of college.
sue + me
best friends forever.

michelle moore + ian dempsy
both are in the nursing program with me.
me + janisa + nikelle +kelli {missing chelsie & kelsey}
roomies forever & for life.

Monday, August 23, 2010

first day.

what an overwhelming first day of school. i already have reading i need to be doing, yet i am writing on my blog. click here if you want to know how i truly feel about my first day of nursing school. it should give you just a brief estimate of the emotions that are circulating throughout my mind and body. now lets hope i can complete the goal i have set for myself.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

let the fun begin.

moved into my apartment yesterday {08.20.10}. met my new roomies who are all freshmen this year and who don't seem to like me and my craziness too much. started having my usual bout of anxiety, but i did spend last night grooving away, sweatily i might add, to some glorious institute dance music. which has seemed to calm me down a bit.

this year i am living in a private room. in a basement. hopefully it works out well or i may just be upset.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

here i come.

the time has come. tomorrow i move back to cedar to start my new adventure...lets just call it my nursing adventure. i am nervous, but excited (just like troy bolten was when he started his first day of college). i haven't decided if i am going to sing yet, but we will see where this coming monday leads me.
this summer has been great! but i am looking forward to getting back to work, school work that is.

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