Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Heres to Adventure.

i decided that if i ever were to come back into the blogging scene it would have to be for a really good reason, well here it is. i am moving to the great state of Ohio. I recently accepted a job offer at the Cleveland Clinic in their cardiac step down unit. I am super stoked for it! i am going to be living with my brother Peter and sister in law Michelle and baby Kate, so i guess you can say that i am going on a "safe" adventure seeing as i have family still around me. i start January 21, 2013 and i couldn't be more excited (and nervous).


This past little while, since my last blog, i have been accomplishing life goals.
graduate from college with summa cum laude (with bachelors of science in nursing)
pass NCLEX-RN exam on first time
get an RN job (took the first one in Provo, UT)
move away from home, yet again, to Provo, UT (not my best choice, but necessary i can see now)
now i am moving to Cleveland, Ohio.