Thursday, April 23, 2009

latest obsession.

lately i have become obsessed with making flower hair clips. i have made several for myself, and recently i have been making them for my roommates as little going away presents since i am leaving in one week!
^made these ones a while ago.
^jessica swink, and her hair bow.
^ashley mann
^katy's made today.
^haven't finished ashley kohler's but this is just another one that i made for ashley mann.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

down to the days.

we are finally down to just days until i can move up and out, back home to stg and i seriously cannot wait for that day to come. first of all my finals will be all over, and i can just get away. its nice to always have people around, but i am done. drama is what consists of my life, and i am sick of it. only nine or ten more days i still can't decide if i am going to move out on friday (biggest possiblity) or on saturday morning. i am leaning towards the first of may. tell me your imput on what you think...woot woot!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

modelin roomies.

this past friday my roomies and i decided that it be the time to take our America's next top model pics. we got all dressed up, hair done, and make up definitly on! then we took the shots. i finished them off by editing them, which some look good and some look not so good, why? well its because we did it in the late afternoon and by the time ashley mann's turn came the lighting was really really terrible so it was pretty hard for me to edit it. here are the pics i have edited so far.
^ dana, my room roommate. she wanted her eyes to pop blue and i kept trying things and now everyone says it looks like she drank a bottle of windex!
^ ashley kohler. lookin fierce as usual. eyes are a little bit scary looking but i like the edit.
^ ashley mann would kill me if she saw this. she doesnt like this picture at all, but i really like it of her! i think she looks dazziling.
^ the first edit of the day. dana is easily photographed i would have to say.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

relax, calm, chill out.

those are the three words i have been telling myself since my roomie have been pretty darn rude to me today, but all is well i will rise above their hatred towards me! carry on!

summer is official.

summer is officially on its way, why? well i have ordered a swimmersuit to go along with my summer. this is the swim suit that i ordered. its from Hapari. i know its hard to imagine me in the suit, but oh well, haha! can't wait for the fun in the sun everyday mostly all day long, besides the times that i will be working, who knows where, and going to school. i have a pretty busy summer ahead of me, but thankfully it will be spent in good ol stg! can't enough of the big bright hot SUN! the hot is what i live for! i just can't wait.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

break time.

its almost break time from school..only one more day and one more class and then i am Easter weekend free! it is going to be bomb, except for the fact that i have to do a stats take home test, chemistry problems, and well thats pretty much it, but those two things are pretty darn difficult for me to accomplish, especially when i am on a vaca.

Monday, April 06, 2009

one month. and oatmeal.

there is only one month left of school and let me tell you, this is exciting. except for all of the tests that are coming up and all of the studying that i will be doing, but other than that i am super stoked. at that point i will have gone through one full year at college, being a co-ed as my pa would put it. its crazy to be at this point cause as i look back i was in freakin high school only one year ago, unafraid, no worries, just doing my thing at lil ol high school, how nice was that? can't wait to say that i have been through one tough year and one great year of college here at SUU. i am going to be returning for fall, but for the summer i will be chillin', well sort of, in STG. i plan on trying to get a job (anyone know of anything?), going to school getting my CNA, and swimming, A LOT!!! woot woot

oatmeal. as i sit here typing this i am eating some pretty good oatmeal that i thought i would write about. its an oatmeal island. so delish. you should try it. get regular oats put some water in it, then micro it for 2 minutes. when done get a spoon and spoon it all into the middle of your bowl. then put brown sugar in the middle of your oatmeal island, and pour milk into the "moat" part of bowl, then eat and enjoy, i promise you that you will LOVE IT!