Friday, March 27, 2009

the real deal.

dont be hatin' i know you wish you had a pair of SWEET docs for yourself, but sadly these darling docs have gone to the D.I. if you want a pair for yourself you can get them in the 90's. thats where dana got her pair.

we found these as she was cleaning out her closet this week, and we could resist trying them on and telling our stories of how we all loved having docs of our, do you remember when i begged you to get me some docs for school and i only wore them twice haha yeah that was at the end of the doc era, sorry if you still have a pair.
^no, its not a seven dwarf its the real deal doc.
^where them every where, even while lotioning.
^yes, you too can walk walls with docs, they are amazing.
^they can even get you dates.

Monday, March 23, 2009


its been hard, but i am finally getting back into the groove of school--i know crazy after only one day, but that can do it to ya when you have four classes on one day. haha this day has gone pretty fast and i think i am learning how to control my brain a little bit better than i usually do. you see i get very stressed and worried of the darndest of little things, like class schedules for fall semester and rooming. wow those two things are crazy stressful in my brain, but i am feeling oh so much better now that i have calmed my brain down from thinking that those are things to worry about, i should be worrying about talking to more boy--haha--just kidding, but seriously.

Friday, March 20, 2009

almost an end.

the end is coming near..that is the end of spring break. i am terribly sad about this fact--cause i dont want to go back to school, school is lame, and hard, and i have to spend money which is totally lame cause i dont have a job therefore i don't make any hmmm weird concept. only a few more months of school though left to go through and then i be back here in stg wondering what to do with my life. if only a summer job would land on my lap, i would be truely happy about that!

Monday, March 09, 2009

welcome home week.

dan came home from his mission on march 2, 2009 and it has been a fiesta since then. we had a big fiesta at our home on saturday the 7th, with authentic mexican food and two pinatas! yippy. we also took our family pictures on saturday..we didn't last too long because stella is a little cry baby and was crying mostly the entire time--haha. love her though.
^not actual picture--well dad was just shooting some pictures while pete was taking the 'real'
pictures--aka the better ones
^susie,nellie,laura,gracie,me--all wearing 'dunce hats' from the pinatas--while eating mexican candy, which was surprisingly good.
^rachel reading the newspaper with scott in the background.
^peter trying to master the mexican game of the top..i can't remember the mexican name for it.
^rachel and i, i know i am smiling..this is weird.

^dan and baby stella- presh.
^at the airport, fresh off the mish.
^sisters. love them.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

good times.

i just found this picture on my camera from the good time that i spent at hayley's havin a sleepover during christmas break. we went to bed at like 10:30 while watching a disney movie--love it! what great times. I love you cousin!