Saturday, January 30, 2010


what a fabulous birthday! all of my wildest dreams did come true, just in case you were wondering. i got many phone calls--thank you--plus my parents + rachel +stella drove up from stg to take me out to lunch. we went to chili's it was very delicious! thanks pa! i got some wonderful gifts also. ma + pa got me a cute sweater from holister, and some gianni bini roscoe boots (color black) from dillards. i am such a lucky girl, now my year being a twenty year old is going to be more stylin than ever! i also came home to a surprise from susie (the roomie), she had spent the past couple of weeks crocheting the cutest scarf ever! it reminds me of harry potter, whom i love. so it was totes perfect.

i spent most of my day working at emerald pointe assisted living, let me tell you that was a neat experience. i am very grateful for that opportunity. some may say that it would be a bummer to work on your birthday, but i enjoyed it very much so. i was able to enjoy my time and share this day with those who aren't able to get around very often. one of the residents birthday was also today so it was great to celebrate it with her also. i was saddened though to the fact that no one came to visit her on her birthday so i was grateful that i could be there, and even more grateful that my family came to see me. i got many birthday wishes from the residents and plenty of kisses and hugs. what a great birthday!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

snow night.

oh dear it snowed so much on friday night! i could hardly believe it, luckily though i had some grand adventures....

the first activity of the night was an institute fiesta..which are my favorite kind of parties {fiestas}. thats because i was practically raised on mexican food. after the food came the institute dance, which of course are always a blast and a half. i had so much fun dancing all crazily, but i got uber sweaty and my bangs went all wacky and gross...lets just say no guys were asking me to dance..HA HA. one bad thing that came out of it was a sweet line dancing song came on and so i started to line dance...well it was super crowded in that room and a guy was right behind me {which i didn't know about} and i stepped on his foot, twisted my ankle, then fell to the ground. ya i wasn't embarrassed at all, but now my ankle is swollen.

the second activity of the night was a giant snowball fight that a bunch of us had in the parking lot of stadium way. it was craziness. i was a target for a lot of the brutal acts. i got tackled to the ground six times, which felt really good. but i was able to sneak up on most of the boys and rub snow all in their faces, so maybe that was the reason for being tackled so often? the fight lasted from midnight to about one. when i got inside the apartment kelsi came out and she gasped...i had mascara running down my face and NO ONE TOLD ME!!!! haha i just laughed a was seriously funny. instead of getting warm in the shower all i did was burn/sting to an almost early death. don't worry, i really didn't die.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

sue and i had a date night...why? well boys in cedar don't know how to ask girls on date. or we just scare them off? so sue and i went and saw Leap Year. such a darling movie. i would def recommend it to anyone who loves cutsie chick flick movies. on our way into the actual theater we saw jude law just standing there so we took some pictures with him. what a great guy. can't wait for the day to roll around when he realizes that we are meant to be together. HA!

Friday, January 15, 2010


the university of utah nursing application has been submitted as of this morning!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

twenty ten.

welcome to the new year...only nine days late:) but i made it. its back to school time. i have finished my first week back and let me tell you, i have not studied once. does this mean i have become a new person in the year twenty ten, by not studying every freakin day of my life? no. i have just been busy with other things. i have a job now which takes up 24 hours per week. i also have nursing applications to finish. i am applying for the university of utah's nursing program and also southern utah university's program. the U's is due next friday the fifteenth, but SUU's isn't due until February 12th which give me plenty of time to finish that one. i wonder which one i will get into..or if i will even get into any program!

my hands have become extremely dry. {1} being because the weather outside is frightful...and deathly cold especially when the winds come and {2} because at work i wash my hands constantly which has washed the top layer of my hand away leaving me with two raw hands. they feel excellent. although my hands are raw i am enjoying the cna work...or as my family would put my job -- professional butt wiper.