Saturday, August 29, 2009

mike & brett come to visit.

mike & brett came up from stg to visit me...and to scope out the upcoming sweet spots for some snow jibbin. we attended a dessert party, that was tasty and pretty fun. my new found friend kelcey ovard, from my human anatomy class and lab invited me to. it was so much fun! i enjoyed it. we played games also, that i pretty much dominated at!

i am not going to really make any comments further cause they might get offended as some people have in the past. yes, i have learned my lesson from blogging about my dates. why? well the kid that i blogged about i think read it and hasn't called me or talked to me since. hmm, weird.

anywho we had a blast talking, and getting our chesmay on (def not the correct spelling, its a spanish word, but that is pretty much how you say it).
^here are my friends--mike, me, brett. so fun:)
^this is what i dealt with. luckily that didn't last too long. haha

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

first day of school.

oh the first day of college, my second year there of. sorry no i did not wear those socks the first day, but i did wear them the previous day and i must say they are my favorite socks ever!
yes this year of college is going to be tough one. with tough classes there was no other way.
the classes i am taking are:
human anatomy 2320 + lab
chemistry 1120 + lab
psychology 1010
csis 1000
ballet I
this is my roomie kelsi, she is a junior.
abby bundy, a sophomore.
susie peterson, my room roomie!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Farewell Ice Cream Social.

my good friend megan anne ludlow christensen threw me a farewell ice cream social at her house just last night. it was so much fun! we played some grueling games of badmitton, which i lost at, i am not too good at badmitton. we had yummy ice cream cones, with plenty of ice cream choices.

lets just say this was the BEST farewell ice cream social that i have ever had the pleasure of attending, let alone it was for me? how thoughtful was it that she actually threw it for me, when i will only be leaving to go to school in cedar city (45 minutes away). i had a blast!
^the guest. my best friends--blake christensen, megan christensen, brett sampson, me, mike peterson, and colby spragg. earlier tj morrison had been there but he had to split. i let him go early cause he wore a shirt that said "i heart anna" on it.
^ of course the social was decorated mightily cute. this was just a portion of the cuteness cause by the time i remembered to take pictures we had cleaned up.
^ we went and picked up megan & blakes new ping pong table and the guy they bought it from had tons of license plates hanging on the wall and this was one of them that megan just loved.
^ on the count of three--1. 2. 3. turn around. and this is what i got, love it.
^ one of many photos of mike, brett, and i.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


there is something about cloudy days that just make me so the clouds, and the slightly cooler weather of saint george...too bad i don't like the clouds this much in cedar city.

Monday, August 10, 2009


tonight is girls night out...and we are going to see annie out at tuachan. it should be super duper fun!

Friday, August 07, 2009

just call me martha.

i channeled my martha intuition, bought some fabric, found four buttons, and whipped out my sewing machine to create two pillows for my second year of college which is coming in two weeks! craziness is about to happen and those who will be around me (my roommates) don't know what is coming.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


a while ago i twisted my hair up and bobby pinned it, left it over night and when i took it out it looked like this.....

so last night i tried it again and i did a little different technique and i also just left it in for an hour...and it still was a super fro, so i laughed, pete and michelle laughed. i could also tell that the people at maverick-adventures first stop also were laughing deep deep inside their souls:)
ps. i saw twilight for the first time last night, and i thought it was pretty good. i will probably go and see the next, i will not read the books.