Friday, August 29, 2008


This is my roomie Dana Whitaker, she is practically my twin! we are so much alike it is dang crazy! she is my sista from another mother. we have just been getting along just dandily. we have so much fun just flirting it up with the guys, being extra loud, and very sarcastic and funny! she is the best roomie i could have ever gotten. lets just say i got extremely lucky!

^ this was our first sunday together and going to church. well there are about 80 girls in the ward and about 20 guys, literally! i am not even joking or exaggerating.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fast Runner Sista.

^my strong lil sista.
^she cut 5 seconds off of her last time! yeah she is MY sista.

^ it was just dandy to see my lil sis just running so dang fast! wow she was a blurr. but i was glad that she runs or else i would hardly ever see her!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dormy Dorm Dorm.

^my sweet sink vanity thingy.

^ here is our living room, newly arranged i might add.

^ the kitchen, self explanatory.

^my side of the bedroom
i am now offically a college girl livin in the college dorms just doing college stuff!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pass Out.

on saturday i went to a sweet red and white dance at my college SUU! i started not feeling well until there were only three or fours songs left so i decided to blow it off so that i wouldn't make any of my friends leave the funness... but by the end i was feeling so dang sick so i dragged abby home with me as fast i can i could walk. my stomach was all clenched and i felt so awful. i had to hold onto abby's shoulder almost the entire way home. i also walked close to the lawn just in case i had to throw up. yeah disgusting. well when we got to the dorms, abby decided it would be best to go up the elevators because then i wouldnt have to conquer the stairs... well it is a good thing because i got into the elevator and i sat up against the corner and i laid my head back and BAM! i was out! when i woke up i was laying on the floor, abby was crying hysterically, and there were two random girls calling my name while trying to help me up. i got up and i started crying, being the baby i am, and abby escorted me back to my dorm room.

i then layed on my bed while abby called my house, but she wasn't able to get out what exactly happened because she was crying more than i was. but one quick bonus, i didnt feel sick anymore i just a slight headache from hitting my head on the railing in the elevator and then the floor. well i talked to my mom and she had thought from abbys crying that i had died! yeah way scary... well we came to a conclusion that we think i might have just be dehydrated. which is very possible, i was extremely thirsty at the dance but i didnt dare drink any of the punch or water because i didnt know if it was trustworthy to drink, it being an open party with all of SUU students.

when i woke up yesterday i felt fine, i just had a slight headache, but hey i slept like a rock because my roomie ashley is going into pharmency and she had some pain relieving night time drugs, and she also gave me a banana, which also helped my stomach. wow i am so lucky to have such wonderful roomies. they all just took care of me so well, and my actual roommate just comforted me and was just awesome. this really is a home away from home!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hair Cuttage.

^ the before shot.
^the after shot. its a little different than before, more choppy. i am still not too sure on it, but it guess it is too late to change it now ha ha!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Swimmin' N' Playin' tis what we do.

i love scarfing down a good ole s'more out at the lake, there is just no other thing that comes near it. but we realized while we were there that s'mores taste so much better when you cook them when the sun is still partially out.
here is me, rachel, and michelle, just hangin out on the docks the morning of the second day after our boat broke down due to a bad water pump, which we got fixed later that day and we were still able to go out and have a fabulous time!

here are the all of the children that came, sadly neither little baby it nor elder dan was there in person, but both were there in spirit!

the first day was filled with clouds, but that didnt damper our spirts we still went all out crazy on our tubes battling it out! this is scott, lar, and i. i just so happen to be the one flipped up side down on top of lar and her tube!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

? Annual Family Lake Powell Trip.

i am not exactly sure how many years our family has been going to powell as our summer vaction but there has been plenty. our family trip will start today around 3 pm and we will drive to powell which takes about 3 hours. upon arrival we will probably set up camp, and then hang out until tomorrow comes with much butt kicking wake boarding, and crazy tube battlin', which of course I AM CHAMPION! not to brag or anything.

Also yesterday my sister went to the doctors and was able to hear my niece or nephews heart beat! so it really is in there! it probably cant wait to meet their favorite AUNT! but we actually do not find out what the baby is until, sadly, the 20th week, so thats like september or something! i can hardly wait.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

big mistake.

i think i maybe might have made the biggest mistake of my life. i had the perfect oppurtunity and i blew it big time. all i can really say is i was so scared. but it is over now and how can i move on? oh goodness i just hope we can still remain friends...well you probably dont know what i am talking about but, last night i was hangin out with a friend (a boy) and we sat and talked on the porch all night and then when he leaned in to kiss me, yes a true kiss, i turned away! oh my goodness do you think i could have been more dumb! oh my! He then left and i felt terrible because deep down i did want to kiss him, i just didnt know how i guess, because this would have been my first kiss. sadly enough, that has been my greatest mistake...well for at least this week.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Heat Wave.

before this weekend i never realized how hot it could get in one area...until...i helped peter and michelle move down to Glendale Arizona. (glendale is 20 minutes from Pheonix) well let me tell you it was the hottest day down there on friday...try 115 degrees! yeah i know crazy! i was sweating constantly, and we had to move everything into their tiny 1000 sq ft home, which is dainty and cute, but small.....and they brought so much junk with them it was outrageous!!